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Aside from the obvious, a vacation, cruises are quickly becoming the venue of choice for any number of reasons.  I have listed a few of them below, but feel free to use your imagagination to come up with new and innovative ideas.



With the myriad of activities and entertainment available aboard today's cruise ships, they have become a popular choice for family reunions.  Long regarded as a vacation option for "The Senior Set", cruiselines have pushed the envelope by adding all types of activities and entertainment that will appeal to everyone from aged 3 to 83.  Some of the options available, to make it a truly family vacation, are water slides, children's clubs with planned activities, a surf pool, lectures and classes on many subjects, themed lounges, Broadway-style shows, and the list goes on.  With everything that is available, you can be together, or apart, as much as you want and do as much or as little as you like.



Cruiselines are now making cruising a popular way to raise funds for your organization.  With a matching funds program and great pricing, this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy some time with other members of your organization, while raising funds.



You have two options for a cruise wedding.

You can be married at your Port of Embarkation, thereby allowing guests, who are not sailing with you, to attend your wedding and reception.  Non-sailing guests would be asked to disembark the ship prior to setting sail.


You can be married onboard the ship, or at one of the Ports of Call, while you are on your cruise.

With either option, a cruise wedding is becoming one of the latest trends for couples who are seeking a totally stress-free wedding at an economical price.



Many cruiselines offer great packages for companies wishing to have training seminars or periodic meetings, onboard their vessels.  Because of the all-inclusiveness of cruising, it provides the opportunity to have meetings/training sessions and free, fun time, all within your floating resort.  Additionally, it allows your associates to bring their family, who will be busily entertained during meetings/training sessions, making it a truly "working vacation".